Audi on Demand: A new take on premium mobility

Audi on Demand is an innovative car-sharing service providing customers with easy, flexible access to a wide range of Audi car models that suit their various needs.

When Audi acquired mobility technology company, Silvercar, in order to expand their range of mobility products and services in the US, the task was to develop a migration plan to transition Silvercar into Audi on demand.

We were also tasked with designing the global visual and spatial expression for Audi on demand that continued to elevate and amplify the Audi brand.

Through a new wordmark, variations on color palette usage, and updated campaign photography styles, the resulting identity evolves Audi’s established system and carves out a distinct space for Audi on demand

By simplifying and refining their visual communication style, the Audi on demand service was differentiated, while still leveraging the strength of the Audi brand. Working closely with both Silvercar and Audi, we developed a plan to bring Silvercar into the Audi on demand brand system, then developed a launch strategy to clarify the relationship between Silvercar and Audi.


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