S.R.T MedStaff: Elevating team-based care

What sets S.R.T. MedStaff (S.R.T.) apart from other health care service providers is their team-based approach to care; one that values collaboration, empathy and communication between patients, families and staff.

In order to instil pride and confidence amongst their staff and patients, a new brand was developed that represented S.R.T’s commitment to creating powerful teams of people, who feel empowered.

The strong, adaptable wordmark includes three elevated dots, symbolizing empowered people coming together. We created a simple, distinct and identifiable colour palette S.R.T. could own, and apply across a number of communications.

The photography style is warm, empathetic and free of health care clichés. It focuses less on people being cared for, and more on people living their day-to-day lives.

The brand was rolled out across a variety of touchpoints, including brochures, stationery, application forms, employee manuals, uniforms, ID badges, and website.


Knowing that people’s encounters with the health care industry can be overwhelming, complicated and alienating, a visual identity that is clear and approachable was designed.



In designing S.R.T.’s first rebrand in over 30 years, BMD not only updated and modernized their brand, but also carved out a unique positioning in the highly complex and competitive world of health care staffing.



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